In the model three committees were organized General Assembly, Commission of Human Rights and UNICEF.


  • GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The General Assembly is the central organ of the United Nations, where members can discuss their differences and reach agreements on how to solve major global problems, talk about any issue and be heard.


    • The United Nations Commission on Human Rights:  is a commission of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), its main activities are:
      • Inspect the application of human rights standards
      • Make recommendations to states regarding their human rights policies
      • Investigate violations of human rights and
      • To provide advice to States in this matter.


  • UNICEF: UNICEF is strongly committed to UN Coherence and its primary objective to achieve sustainable results in an effective and efficient way. This basic principle guides UNICEF’s approach to engagement in UN Country Teams, UNDAFs and country programme planning processes. They collaborate with UN organizations to implement development and humanitarian programmes for the protection and promotion of children’s rights, as mandated by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC); also they build these partnerships, not for the sake of partnerships, but for the sake of children.