Webinars before the Summit

A solid preparation  for our delegates  in the Congress of United Nations on the Refugee Crisis is fundamental to the success of the simulation, that’s why we organized some webinars before the Summit;

In the first one, on November 8, the United States Embassy in Mexico and Mukira presented their webinar dedicated to the Refugee Crisis in Mexico and in the world.  Elizabeth Arroyo, legal sub-coordinator of Sin Fronteras  participated in this seminar.


The second  with Adam Porter-Price, who spoke about how can students prepare  to participate in the United Nations Model. Mainly how to make the position paper, and also on procedural regulations and protocol of United Nations Models.

ADAM PORTERWho is Adam Porter-Price: Adam Porter-Prices was until January 2017, the Chairman of the International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA). IMUNA is a United Nations-affiliated global non-profit education focused on developing critical thinking, research, writing, and negotiation skills in secondary school students around the world.  

You can consult here a guide for Delegates preparation participating in a major global conference, prepared and shared with us, by the International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) for the National High School Model United Nations 2017.